How Much Does It Cost?

This is often the first question people ask when they call about Stop Smoking Hypnosis. That makes sense because most people who call have never been hypnotized, so they have no idea how much it will cost for a session, or even how many sessions might be involved, which is another common question that usually comes after the first one.

I have found it is equally important to inform people who are ready to stop smoking about the process and explain what they get for their money, in addition to letting them know how much it will cost. Typically people find that it’s about the same or perhaps even less than they spend on cigarettes in a month, of course this depends on how much they smoke. For those who smoke a pack a day it might take 4-5 weeks to recoup the fee, while for the 2 pack a day people it might even be less than a month.

Some people just throw out numbers without an explanation of the process, while others insist you call on nthe phone to get a price quote. Some people may be close but not ready to pull the trigger, however they are interested in finding out just how much this will set them back. In the past I required a call before I’d spill the beans on my fee for stop smoking hypnosis, though I have decided to change all that.

OK, so you continue to scroll down the page looking for the price, afterall the title of this page is ‘How Much Does It Cost for Stop Smoking Hypnosis?’ so you’d expect to find it here. Well, I tell you what, I have it for you, but it’s on another page. I’d just ask that you read that page and when you come to the price make a decision. If you are ready to stop smoking, call me and we’ll set up an appointment to put an end to your smoking habit. If not, then leave me your email address in the box at the bottom of the page and I’ll send you more informtion on stop smoking hypnosis.

Do we have a deal? Ok, well, there here’s the link:

Find Out How Much It Costs To Stop Smoking Wtih Hypnosis